Vetrex Technologies

In the production of our woodwork, we use proven and recognized in the world technologies provided inter alia by companies such as: Veka, Roto and Press Glass.

In addition, we implement our own, often breakthrough solutions that allow us to constantly improve the quality of our products. Vetrex windows and doors are produced based on the most technologically advanced production lines, so we are confident that we can offer our customers products of the highest quality.

Produkcja okien PVC

PVC production line

In our factory, we have fully automatic lines for production of PVC woodwork, which include cutting and machining centres for PVC profiles and 4-head welding machines cooperating with milling and cleaning centres.

VPS System

Vetrex Production System. We have based our production management system on the same model as used by the Toyota Group. This way, we would like to consistently maintain the highest quality of our products. Using the fully computerized system we are able to eliminate all shortcomings of our products before they leave the factory gates. The complex supervision of both manufacturing process and quality control allows us to raise the standards of our customer and business partner service. Many of them make a certainty of delivery time the ultimate condition of cooperation. This certainty has increased significantly since we implemented the system.

A-class profile

Vetrex joinery is made of the Veka profiles of very high quality which are counted (according to the PN-EN 12608 standard) to the highest A-class. These profiles allow constructing joiner of very good parameters.

The outside walls of the A-class profiles are 3mm thick, and the width of the inside rooms is at least 5mm. For their production it is necessary to use 10% more of PVC than in producing B-class.

What actually give us A-class profiles?

  • Low susceptibility – thick walls of Veka profiles makes the window corner joints strong which prevents them from breaking at welds.
  • High stability - VEKA A-class profiles enhance the stability of the frames and stiles which makes them less likely to deform. Another feature of the profiles is that the screws which are used for placing the fittings are 20% less likely to fall out.
  • Perfect resistance to changes in temperatures – it is vital in our climate where the level of daily temperature fluctuations can be high. A-class profiles shrink and grow depending on the temperature. During this process the window has to endure high pressures (especially on the corners. Thick walls of all VEKA profiles ensure perfect statics and joining of the window corners which helps to avoid any damage.
  • Perfect parameters of acoustic insulation – VEKA profiles provide us with more comfort in this area than B or C classes.