Vetrex Company

Why Vetrex?

We are the producer of woodwork in the premium class, operating on the market since 1997. Vetrex products, created for demanding investors, requiring technical precision, high functionality and sophisticated design, are sold throughout Europe. We offer PVC and aluminium windows and doors, as well as façade systems, for the implementation of energy-efficient and bold architectural designs.

We belong to Liebot Group, the Europe's largest producer of windows, doors and façades, which holds 10 companies in its structure, which provide revenue of 440 million Euro, and employ people in France, Poland, Spain and Italy. The history of the company dates back to 1945, and for more than 50 years, the company has specialized in the production of woodwork. Liebot Group is a family company, in which the ninth generation is involved. A long tradition and prestige of the Group oblige us to continuously increase standards. At the same time, being a part of the consortium, which is the European market leader, we have the ability to dynamically develop and access to breakthrough technologies. For this reason, we create products compatible with the latest world trends, and we adapt our innovative solutions for windows.

Vetrex windows and doors, in terms of parameters that describe the insulation and air-tightness, are in absolute leading edge of energy-efficient systems, and at the same time, they are distinguished by the ratio of technical parameters to the price. Vetrex offer has the most, meeting the European standards, laboratory-tested designs. Caring to confirm the values of our windows and doors not only in practice, but also the provision of formal guarantees of their properties, distinguished Vetrex from other producers. All our windows and doors are subject to specialist tests only in notified research units, such as the Window Research Institute IFT Rosenheim and the Construction Research Institute in Warsaw, supervised by the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction. The certificates obtained based on the above tests, prove reliability as well as safety and comfort of Vetrex woodwork, designed for several decades.