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A-Class Profiles

Profile klasy A

Only VEKA, only A class

A new generation of window profiles is being introduced to the market. These profiles enables us to construct windows of higher functionality and more sophisticated technology.

But VEKA is the only company that sells exclusively A-class profiles (according to PN-EN 12608). Outside walls of these profiles are 3mm thick and the width of the inside chambers is at least 5mm. These are key parameters for proper protection against cold and noise that at the same time provide stability and durability. Profiles that have thinner walls (B and C classes) are not as resistant to damage and their corners are more likely to crack.

Unfortunately it is impossible to see what class of the profile was used in a ready-made window. Only by choosing VEKA you are 100% sure that the windows have A-class profiles, because VEKA simply does not produce any lower classes.

Choose well

Windows are products of a very long lifespan. We usually buy it with the intention of using it for the next 30-40 years, and its replacement involves some serious repair work. This is a serious investment and there is no room for mistakes and corrections. You ought to choose once and for good.. However, selecting the right system of window profiles can be confusing – even for the experts. An investor is flooded with conflicting information about advantages and disadvantages of different systems. The majority of them have purely marketing nature and, on purpose, lead astray. And bearing in mind the fact that you cannot tell what properties have the profiles of a ready-made window makes it even more confusing. How can we handle this situation?

Gain certainty

There is only one way of dealing with this problem. You simply choose a renowned window profile producer that produces exclusively A-class profiles. In Poland, the only one of this kind is VEKA which has been documented by RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e. V. When choosing VEKA you can be sure you are choosing A class!

Have class

The outside walls of the A-class profiles are 3mm thick, and the width of the inside rooms is at least 5mm. For their production it is necessary to use 10% more of PVC than in producing B-class. These key parameters ensure following features::

  • Low susceptibility – thick walls of Veka profiles makes the window corner joints strong which prevents them from breaking at welds.
  • High stability – VEKA A-class profiles enhance the stability of the frames and stiles whcich makes them less likely to deform. Another feature of the profiles is that the screws which are used for placing the fittings are 20% less likely to fall out.
  • Doskonałą odporność na zmiany temperatur. To istotne w naszym klimacie, w którym dobowe zmiany temperatur potrafią być bardzo duże. Przeanalizujmy przedwiośnie. Temperatury nocą są ujemne (-2 st C.), a w słoneczny dzień dochodzą do 16 st. C. W ciągu tych kilku godzin, pomiędzy porankiem a południem profil okienny musi wykonać olbrzymią pracę, przymując w tak krótkim czasie, tak dużą dawkę energii. Profil rozszerza się. Gdy zapada zmierzch proces odwraca się. Profil okienny schładza się i kurczy w krótkim czasie. Powstają wysokie naprężenia, szczególnie na narożach okiennych. Grube ścianki wszystkich profili VEKA zapewniają doskonałą statykę i silne łączenie naroży okiennych, bez zagrożenia, że popękają.
  • Doskonałe parametry izolacji akustycznej. Profile VEKA klasy A to również zdecydowanie wyższy komfort akustyczny dzięki skutecznemu tłumieniu dobiegającego z zewnątrz hałasu.