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Ift Q-ZERT certificate

European quality certificate ift Q-ZERT available only for window manufacturers in VEKA profile system

VEKA Poland is the only manufacturer that has been given the right of certifying products with European Certificate of Quality ift Q-ZERT which is a hard test for the quality of the products. Products that have been given this title are of highest quality.

The countries of EU are about to face a change in the binding standards describing the technical requirements of products – in this case window joinery products (so-called Harmonised Standard). The new standards introduce mandatory marking of products with CE mark. This project anticipates the existence of a transition phase – a period of time when the old national standards coexist with Harmonised Standard (marked as EN 14531-1) In October 2006. This period will last for 12 months. The contents of Harmonised Standard was made available to the general public in April 2006 (information source: ift Rosenheim Institute and VEKA AG).

Ift Q-ZERT quality mark

European Institute of Building technology ift Rosenheim developed the rules of certifying European products of window joinery. The confirmation of receiving the ift Rosenheim certificate is the right to mark the products with the European Quality Mark ift Q-ZERT.

Developed by ift Rosenheim rules of certifying products 9windows) with the European Quality Mark ift Q-ZERT are based on the combination of:

  • Technical requirements of Harmonised Standard EN 14351 that are confirmed by the research on the construction solutions of the system providers 9e.g. VEKA).
  • RAL quality which confirms high quality of the manufactured profile according to the requirements stated by ISO 9001 concerning the organisation of production, The preparation of production and company service.

It means that the way leading to ift Q-ZERT Quality Mark is divided into several stages and it is impossible to avoid any of them.

Ift Q-ZERT Quality Mark confirms that the manufactured windows meet the highest standards concerning their mechanical properties:

  • Resistance against strong wind EN 12210 - class C2/B4 !
  • Rainwater leak-proof EN 12208 - class 9A !
  • Air permeability EN 12207 – class 4!

Developed by ift Rosenheim program of ift Q-ZERT Quality Mark certification was accepted by VEKA Poland in April 2005. We have made every effort to make (through this certificate) VEKA windows a product that is accepted on the entire EU market.

Because of the ‘Safe Window’ campaign LED by VEKA Poland we invited Rother producers of window joinery products that use VEKA systems. Thanks to VEKA Poland in August 2005 took place the first audits In companies manufacturing Windows In our system and willing to subordinate to the requirements concerning the introduction of the European Quality Mark ift Q-ZERT.