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Is it worth choosing energy-saving V90+ windows?

okno premium V90+ kolor macore

Energy-efficiency is a very important issue in discussions at the highest levels. In more countries they introduce directives whose goal is to reduce the use of energy. Also in Poland they recently introduced energy passports for newly built objects.

The advantages of energy-saving materials can be evaluated on the basis of the building of an energy-saving house which has to meet the specification before you can call it energy-saving. A very important element of this kind of house is the windows – because they are a huge part of its surface. Making of the window and door holes interrupts the continuity of the baffle, and the pane of glass will always be colder than walls. So it is important to buy doors and windows of good thermal parameters.

Because of the high prices of energy carriers it is advised to use the best solutions that reduce the use of energy.

The use of wide, extra insulated PVC profiles and 2-chamber glass joinings in window joinery enables us to reduce the Uw parameter and allows us to come closer to the parameter of the wall U. It gives us measurable economical benefits – lower heat losses equals less energy needed to heat the room and that equals less more money in our wallets.