User Guide

Please read before you decide to purchase any doors or windows!

Veka profiles – only A class counts!

Every VEKA profile is A-class. This is the highest class of profiles. Outside walls of the profile are 3mm thick, and the width of the inside chambers is at least 5mm. These things matter. Profiles that have thinner walls that belong to classes B and C have a lower level of protection against noise and cold. They are less stable. In a ready window we cannot tell what class of profiles has been applied. Choosing windows with VEKA profiles we can be sure our window is made of A-class profiles. How can we be so sure? Because VEKA Poland is the only company that produces exclusively A-class products!

Our profiles safe for children.

VEKA profiles are made of impact-resistant hydrogenated Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This materials is one of the oldest and most known and examined artificial materials. It consists of raw PVC and many extra ingredients. Mainly:

  • Titanium dioxide – a perfect extremely durable white pigment.
  • Chalk or in other words calcium carbonate – material that increases stiffness and heat-resistance.
  • Stabilizers preventing from thermal damage of PVC while undergoing treatment and protecting against weather in particular UV radiation. These additions contribute to the increase in the aging-resistance of the window V. Stabilizers are nothing but salts of metals. They include both tested and known for 40 years salts of lead and tin and relatively new in this area salts of calcium and zinc.
  • Dyes such as soot and other organic substances.

All those ingredients are combined chemically are not detrimental to health. That is why PVC is irreplaceable in the process of making products of high reliability. Other (apart from doors and windows) typical PVC products are pipes, pill packages, blood bags and tubes, furniture edges and wallpapers.

VEKA profiles are made of materials of highest quality. We obtain raw PVC from best companies with a good reputation among chemical experts. Our experiments are carried out in professional laboratories. A customer receives a product which has been checked and examined – in other words completely safe.

A profile with a certificate – trust the independent.

Institutions specialised in chemistry and architectural technique have been evaluating the quality of window profiles for years. They strictly examine the products and give points to the best ones. Nowadays one should always check if those documents have been issued by independent state institutions. Increasingly, those certificates are nothing more than marketing gimmicks made up by the producers themselves. Such "marketing certificates" are very often a cover for the lack of genuine safety certificates. Therefore we should always look for windows made of safe systems of profiles that have certificates issued by independent state institutions. Only the profiles that have all the certificates written below are fully safe.

This is a list of the certificates of the independent state institutions that every safe profile should have been given:

  • Certificates given by the Building Research Institute (BRI) – they ensure the safety of the construction.
  • Hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene - it ensures safe use, without threatening our health.
  • Fire Protection certificate – ensures safety during conflagration.
  • RAL quality mark – ensures high quality of production of perfect parameters..
  • The class of the profiles. The highest is the A class. You should demand a written confirmation of using it.

It is worth mentioning that not all of the certificates are mandatory. VEKA has all the certificates both the mandatory and the ones that are optional in Poland and EU. We certify and check our products because the safety of our customer is the most important.

VEKA is a renowned world brand!

VEKA is a symbol of the highest quality known all around the world. Produced in Skierniewice profiles meet even the strictest regulations. They are of the same quality as the ones produced in Germany, Spain, Denmark and many other European countries. In Poland the factory exists for 12 years. We employ over 200 workers and we are still developing. It means that millions of customers have trusted our company. Why? Because we are always there give you advice and you can count on our high-quality products.

Think ecologically but do not be misled by pretences. Care about safety.

Windows with VEKA profiles meet all the ecological regulations. They are safe. That is why they are commonly used in hospitals, schools and many other public buildigs. They have all the mandatory and optional certificates.

How can we recognise a good window profile? You should ask about:

  • Quality mark RAL – given by Association for Window Profiles of Plastic Material.
  • A class – given on the basis of RAL standards.
  • Technical approvals of BRI – given by Building Research Institute.
  • Hygienic certificates NIH – given by National Institute of Hygiene.
  • Fire Protection certificate - given by the Centre of Scientific Research on Fire Protection.
  • Certificate ISO 9001 : 2000 – given by Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen DQS GmbH.

Only profiles that have all the certificates are truly safe.