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Time for CE mark

Znak CEZnak budowlany B

Since March 2006 we are in the transition phase period and we are in the process of harmonising the EN - 14351-1 standard with national regulations of the members of EU. The transition phase will expire on 1st February 2010. the Harmonised Standard gives esploitation and physical properties for outside windows and doors (about 22 regulations) and window and door joinery classification. It also describes the methods of joinery products evaluation according to proper research procedures.

Declared properties of window joinery products in relation to the requirements of Technical Approval – B Mark – from the perspective of the Harmonised Standard they have one class of exploitation properties – rainwater-proof class 4A /150 Pa/. Speed pressure of the wind in the first wind-exposure zone In Poland equals Vk = 250 Pa. Declared properties of window joinery products in relation to B mark do not guarantee that the product whose exploitation properties make it work properly in a building place /building, kind of ground, exposure-zone/. Only the products with the CE mark with the declaration of compatibility in relation to the PN-EN 14351-1 standard guarantee reliability. In the case of VEKA we confirm it by examining mechanical properties and the safety of using.