User Guide

User Guide – how to choose?

Choosing your window producer is not as difficult as it may seem to be. All you have to do is to choose a company that focuses on quality and cooperation with the best providers. Remember! This is the only way of avoiding bad purchases.

Doors and windows are products we want to use for long years. This is a serious investment decision. There is no room for mistakes and corrections. You ought to choose once and for good.

A good product is one that not only harmonically fits in the decor of our flat but also ensures comfort, energy-efficiency and safety..

What to pay attention to when buying?



Only high-quality materials and production guarantees the feeling of comfort for long years. Before you decide to buy a particular window find out about its certificates and approvals!

The best ones are those that have:

  • Quality mark RAL given by Association for Window Profiles of Plastic Material, that confirms the highest A class of the profile.
  • Certificate IFT Q-Zert given by the German Institute of Window Technology – Rosenheim that guarantees that the window has been produced on the highest European level.
  • Technical approvals of BRI given by the Building Research Institute.
  • Hygienic certificates of the National Institute of Hygiene.
  • Fire Protection certificate given by the Centre of Scientific Research on Fire Protection.
  • Certificate ISO 9001 : 2000 – given by Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen DQS GmbH.



A reliable window is the one that provides the highest thermal efficiency. Therefore necessarily check what energy-saving improvements have the windows you are planning to buy!

Pay attention to:

  • Heat transfer coefficient of the window and pane U – the lower the number, the better.
  • The application of sub-sill bases – find out if they are durable enough and if they provide proper thermal insulation.
  • The installation of windows – make sure that the producer offers high-quality installation service.
  • Ventilation system – choose a system properly selected to your window which will provide right acoustic insulation and ventilation in your room.



Your windows apart from protecting you against burglary should also guarantee the safety of the occupants. So before you buy find out what security systems your producer offers!

Pay attention to whether the windows have:

  • Burglarproof systems – such as special burglarproof fitting of WK2 type or the handle turn blocking mechanism.
  • Possibility of installing outside blinds – they protect from burglary, noise and low or too high temperature.
  • Protection from opening the window by children – it helps avoiding dangerous accidents.
  • Possibility of connecting it to the alarm system - extra protection.



The arrangement of the window space has huge impact on the decor of the entire room. Choose windows matching to the style and colour of your room.

See what the producer can offer you and choose the best products that meet your own needs!