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All colors on Vetrex windows

Aluminum covers are available in RAL Classic color palette, this allows practically any configuration of the frame, post and sash colors from the outside. In order to that, the joinery can be made in practically every color, which enables the realization of the order according to the various expectations of the customers and its adaptation to the aluminum systems planned in the investment. The advantage of this solution is the increased resistance of windows to atmospheric factors and easier maintenance of the joinery in cleanliness. Moreover, in the case of scratches, it is possible to replace the cover for new or refreshing by painting again. Installation on PVC profiles not only access to a wide range of colors, but also a way to maintain high thermal insulation parameters difficult to achieve in aluminum constructions. In addition, thanks to the use of any renolit on the inside, you can get a warm effect.

Aluminum covers are under the same warranty period provided for the window systems on which they are mounted.

The use of aluminium covers

The use of aluminum covers on PVC profiles is possible with most Vetrex products available, including the most popular lines: VP70, V82, V90 +, Vetrex SLIDE, and the latest V82 Black Design.

The terms of realisations

The terms of realization for newly introduced joinery is 4 to 8 weeks. The covers will be pre-assembled on the windows and specially protected against scratches during transport. The only exceptions are connectors that can only be mounted on construction site.