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Constant Product Improvement and Quality Care – Vetrex celebrates 20th anniversary of the Company

You must have great product, extensive technological background and a lot of determination in times of mass production and price competition to focus on premium quality. Vetrex, which has been successfully offering the highest quality windows and doors for over 20 years, has all of this.

How did it start?

In the late 90’s the company was a small plant in Pomeranian District, and the customers – mostly locals. Like most small companies, in the beginning of its activity Vetrex competed mainly price. Soon, however, the priority was ensuring the customers satisfaction for longer and desire to create products not only aestethic and functional but also durable. „After 20 years of intensive work we have many reasons to celebrate, and most important of them is peace of our customers, as a result of belief, that buying our windows, they made the right choice for decades.” – convinces Vice-President of Vetrex, Mr. Daniel Malinowski. Currently the company has 350 employees.

Quality vs. price

Strategy based on investment in quality has paid off. Many customers have started to take into account the fact that the woodwork should serve for decades. In order for users to be sure that they are getting a proven product, Vetrex decided to inform about what options the products are offering. The Vetrex website contains the data on the characteristics of each window model. Parameters are backed up (supported) with the presented certificates and reaserch results.

Savings and safety

Customers expect products that provide comfort of use, which is why Vetrex put on energy efficiency and safety. Using high-quality design elements such as: glass packages, low emissive coatings, frames and seals, got the products with high thermal insulation coefficient. Vetrex premium window quarantee a high standard of energy efficiency, and as a result, the investments quickly returns in the form of lower bills for heating or electricity. Reliability of elements and use of additional burglary protection ensures the safety for many years.

Professional service

Woodwork is not only a high quality product, but also proffesional advice. In order to increase the number of satisfied customers Vetrex created in collaboration with trading partners, the network of sales points, that provide easy access to products and professional service. Specialized consultants are dedicated to suport Customers and help in chosing the best possible solution. Their task is to examine the needs of clients and offer the following parameters of the windows that best match the expected performance properties. Sales Points also offer service of professional installation, which is a key element, that helps to maintain the quality of product and its thermal insulation properties. Vetrex sales network has over 700 Business Partners in Europe.

Polish quality in the world

As we know, the Polish window woodwork has quickly been aprecciated all over the world. Also Vetrex products have achieved success on foreign markets, as evidenced by the number of satisfied Clients, including Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria or Sweden. As a widely recognized brand and offering premium products, Vetrex became part of the prestigious and one of the Europe’s largest associations producing windows, doors and facades – French Liebot Group, to which Vetrex has been since July 2014.

Declaration for the future

„I hope that for the next 20 years and more we will be able to face the new and interesting challanges successfully. Thanks to innovative acivities, both in production and services, we will strive to improve our offer and maintain high quality. We will continue to invest in reaserch and make them widely available, because we belive that such an action will inspire trust in our solutions. We intend to continually expand group of satisfied Customers, and despite the fact that they are becoming increasingly demanding, we will not only meet their expectations but overtake them.” – concludes Vice-President of Vetrex, Mr. Daniel Malinowski.