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Lift and slide HST door

Modern patio lift and slide doors VETREX SLIDE are made in accordance with the system of profiles of lift and slide doors (HST) VEKA-SLIDE. The Technology of this system is a perfect solution for making large patio glazing.

The special structure of the profiles and the elements that steer the doors VETREX SLIDE, enable to use sliding stiles of 3m width and the area of up to 6,5 m2. The main feature of this system is that using it is smooth and safe, even with a stile of 300 kg. The functionality of Vetrex Slide doors is increased by the possibility of installing the handle on both sides, which enables you to open and close it both from the inside and outside.

VETREX SLIDE door is equipped with a low aluminum doorsill which allows you to overcome architectural barriers, making communication between the patio and the flat much easier. These doors allow the application of resistance class WK2. Most importantly, even with the microventilation mode on, the window stays locked.