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New offer of Vetrex - elegant V82 Black Design

In portfolio of our energy-efficient solutions there is a new, sophisticated window - V82 Black Design, designed for buyers, for whom not only technical parameters are important, but also issues of aesthetics. The system is distinguished by a unique and unprecedented in offer of other manufacturers, black and galvanized ironwork with increased resistance to corrosion. Owing to this fact, the window obtains a unique character and an extremely elegant finish, corresponding to the minimalist frames, what assures that glazing made in this system perfectly fits to the style of modern architecture.

The new window was created on the basis of 6-chamber profile in the sash and 7-chamber frame with central gasket, with heat transfer coefficient of Uw = 0.77 W/m2*K. Already the standard system is equipped to ensure the safety and comfort: two anti-theft hooks, ergonomic handles Swing Secustik, lock preventing wrong handle position, multi-step tilt with a stabilizer, tilt lock protecting against slam of a slash and micro ventilation mechanism. All operating parameters of the system have been confirmed by tests in the notified Building Technology Laboratory. The window is covered by a 7-year warranty and is available in 48 shades.