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Regulated system of window installation SFS JB-D

Trying to meet the needs of the window manufacturing market We have broadened our offer and added a complex installing system of windows in the area of thermal insulation of the building's walls - SFS JB-D.

This system is mostly dedicated to energy-saving or passive buildings, but it may also be used in regular architecture.

JB-D system enables you to install the windows properly and according to requirements of energy-saving and passive architecture and ensuring the absorption of all external forces.

Main advantages of the system:

  • regulating in three units of area which compensates for the difference in parameters of building materials,
  • Possibility of placing in any position or plane adjusting it to the expected course of isotherms.
  • Installing of large and heavy windows – easy, quick and safe,
  • possible protrusion of windows from the face of the wall up to 150mm,
  • zwiększona nośność bez stosowania dodatkowych, kosztownych podkonstrukcji wsporczych,
  • increased bearing capacity without using any expensive additional proping constructions, possibility of properly-made three-layer sealing of the windows.

SFS JB-D system is a set of properly designed steel consoles that come in different variants depending on the depth of window embedment in the insulating layer of the building. Additionally, the consoles consist of installation elements of the lower part of the window frame (Pic. 9) side and upper part of the frame. Depending on the size of the window construction and expected placement of the window, our designers will choose the right elements.