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Research confirms - windows Vetrex Premium V90 + products can not be beaten!

We are pleased to announce that our award-winning V90 + received a perfect score in Consumer Windows Pro Quality, organized by the portal His goal was to determine how long under effects of time and use, parameters of windows remain at the level declared by the manufacturer in the documentation of the product.

The simulation study was carried out in the conditions of use of windows as close as possible to the real ones. The window was tested manually by people using different ways to open, close, and tilt. After the 10 000 such sequences, corresponding to about 30 years of use - the product has undergone testing in the important characteristic. In this way, you can evaluate the difference between the parameters of the new and used joinery and provide state of the window after many years of use. The initiative was unprecedented character - V90 + system as the first and so far the only one in Poland was subjected to this kind of study, and the results came out for us a very satisfactory level.It turned out that in terms of:

  • Operating forces - according to PN-EN 113115:2002, product, both before and after the simulation, are classified in Class 1, for which the allowable upper limit of the operating forces is 100 N.
  • Air permeability - before and after the simulation window is classified in the top four degree of protection in accordance with BS EN 12207:2001.
  • 3. Waterproof - Water resistant new window to E 1350, and after 10,000 cycles of simulation use - E 1050, which, in the light of existing guidelines is also an excellent result.

It should be noted that the joinery, which has been tested, was purchased at a random showroom, which ruled out the possibility of delivery, for testing purposes occasion improved product. The test has been subjected to exactly the window that would go to a potential buyer. Excellent test results are a guarantee of long-term satisfaction with your purchase. Choosing V90 + you are gaining laboratory-confirmed functionality and efficiency.