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Roto Swing Handles are now available in our offer

Choosing Vetrex balcony doors and windows, you can order them already equipped with the newest Roto Swing Handles from Roto Frank building fittings

Roto Swing are the first on the market window handles that have completely hidden escutcheon plate. Smooth curve and ergonomic shape of the handles make the whole series design elegant and unique.

RotoSwing handlers are available in several:

  1. Window handle Roto Swing Secustik with blocking mechanism
  2. Window handle Roto Swing key-lockable (100Nm) – usable in WK2 class
  3. Window handle Roto Swing TILT FIRST – key-lockable
  4. Window handle Roto Swing locked with a key
  5. Balcony door handle Roto Swing for two-sided patent insert