Vetrex News

„Srebrny Laur Klienta (Silver Customer Laur Award)” for Vetrex

We are proudly announcing, that Vetrex has been awarded with „Srebrny Laur Klienta” – an award given the most popular brands by the customers themselves.

„Laur Klienta” is the biggest, national consumer contest, with the goal to bring out the most known and valued by customers products and services.The Plebiscite is a barometer of trends. It outcome allows to correctly pont the leaders in its category, Becouse the roule of Judges serve the customers by themselves.

This Award pleases us especially because, it confirms already granted the company awards in earlier plebiscithes. So far Vetrex gained awards in contests promoting quality.The efforts of the company in supplying best possible products has been appreciated. „Srebrny Laur Klienta” is the crowning achievement of previos achievements. It is an especially valuable award for us.

Thank you for your trust!