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V70 OPTIMAL BLACK – black revolution from Vetrex

14 July 2011 there was a premiere of a modern V70 OPTIMAL BLACK window equipped with black fitting Roto NTS.

We have added a new product to our offer – V70 OPTIMAL BLACK – a window of high energy-efficiency, durability and unique style. The new window is the only one on the market that has black fitting which gives it unique elegant appearance. This innovative solution is purely aesthetic but also practical. Roto NTS fitting has been covered with a special zinc layer, chromaned and underwent final treatment. All that makes enhances its resistance to corrosion and makes it usable outside a building in severe conditions.

A great addition to the interesting design of V70 OPTIMAL BLACK is also a new half-flush window stile and Secustik Swing handles with completely hidden escutcheon plate and elegant smooth curves and ergonomic shape. V70 OPTIMAL BLACK is also available in white and variety of woodish colours.

V70 OPTIMAL BLACK window is our response to the needs of our customers who are interested in products that have an interesting design and provide perfect thermal insulation.