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Vetrex Slide 82 – convenience and energy saving

Once again we combined in a single solution the qualities of woodwork that are most frequently sought by investors. Vetrex Slide 82 is a energy-efficient system for sliding glazing, including those of large size. New window based on the 7-chamber frame with a width of 194 mm and a 5-chamber sash with a width of 82 mm, which contains energy-saving glazing of Ug = 0.5 W/m*K. Traditional profiles are very narrow, so they use a narrower packages with weaker coefficients which reduce the performance of the whole glazing, resulting in higher bills for heating. Vetrex Slide 82 combines the attractiveness of the large-size glazing with energy-saving woodwork of favourable performance and convenience of sliding structures. Owing to Siegenia-HS fittings that have an impressive load capacity (400 kg), the windows can be fitted also in the safety or sound-proof packages, which until now was also elusive solution. Each of the mobile constrictions moves on two carts - thus the control of sashes does not require use of a large force. The system is available in 55 shades and is covered by a 5-year warranty. In addition, the design can be equipped with aluminium covers for PVC profiles, thanks to which the investor has a choice of 200 shades available in a palette of RAL classic.