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VETREX windows with unique VEKA Spectral coating

Modern PVC windows from Vetrex have a lot of innovation and state-of-the-art technical solutions. To meet your expectations, we have introduced a new, unique solution - the VEKA SPECTRAL coating. The industry's first exclusive VEKA surface finish technology, coupled with the proven quality of Vetrex products, will provide you with an excellent argument for successful business negotiations, opening up new opportunities for shaping the appearance of buildings and facades. Thanks to this, you can strengthen your market position and offer your customers something unique, as the new surface finish technology is only available to VEKA partners and it is not offered by any other manufacturer of profiles.

VEKA SPECTRAL is a combination of perfect design and advanced technology.


• Thanks to a combination of unprecedented optical and tactile properties, the aesthetically pleasing effect has never been achieved.
• Such matt surfaces were not yet in plastic windows! VEKA SPECTRAL surfaces convince with its velvety touch.


• VEKA SPECTRAL technology provides a low light reflection mat, minimizing heat absorption through the surface of the profiles.
• Surfaces with Spectral coatings feature very low absorption of pollutants, high chemical resistance. No stains, fingerprints or other dirt (ANTY-GRAFFITI effect).
• Specially hardened surface structures are characterized by high scratch and abrasion resistance. This allows you to conveniently use Spectral foil windows for many years while maintaining the perfect look of windows.
• Advanced simulations performed in natural conditions and laboratories have demonstrated, that the multilayered surface is particularly durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions (UV radiation, temperature and humidity).
• VEKA Spectral profiles meet RAL and higher requirements.
• VEKA Spectral can be recycled without restriction. 

VEKA SPECTRAL color palette will be gradually expanded with new shades to help you react to ever-changing trends in architecture.

At the moment, Vetrex offers Spectral Anthracite Ultramate (7016.05.001) in the 82mm range:
• V82 ProSafe - certified window in RC2 class
• V82 Black Design - a unique window with black hardware
• V82 - window with high energy efficiency parameters
Duplex foils are only offered in combination with gray core and black gaskets.