Vetrex Offer


Do you know, what are you paying for?

Windows are bought in the term of exploitation for the next several dozen of years.
There is no place for mistakes and corrections.
You need to pick once and good.

Remember, in the phase of picking a widow compeer the offers and check what companies offer in the standard version.
Our window series VE60, VP70, VS70, VR70, V90C, V90+ in the standard version posses:

Window profiles in the best A class. Unfortunately a common practice was selling windows under the brand of well know eastern companies, but their economic solutions of class B and C. On that ground we do not acknowledge any compromises and as few we produce windows from profiles made by a German company VEKA in the best A class. standard
Special reinforcements. Our modern windows in the base version posses a special, steel armament in the wing and casing with a resistance value never meet on the market. standard  
Windowsill selvage. Facilitates assembly of window boards and breasts and guarantees additional thermo- isolation. standard  
Micro ventilation. Thanks to it we can provide our clients with a regular access to fresh air , not exposing them to cold. standard  
Handle control mechanism. This development enables adjusting the unsealing of a window appropriately to the predominant weather conditions. The access to fresh air is very important element which guarantees good physical and mental health. standard  
The false handle position mechanism and window carrier.. Every big window is equipped with those mechanisms. It is a guarantee of the consumers safety and the ferrule durability. standard  
Two anti- force hooks in the wing. PVC windows have an opinion of less secure, that is why We decided to equip our products with a double protection. Two anti- force hooks were appreciated by many thousands of clients, which avoided not only the loss of their property but also the direct contact with the burglar. standard  
Between window steel frame. Our windows stand even through freezing cold. Thanks to window packets equipped with a steel distance frame, We can achieve a fourfold better result where it goes to thermo- isolation in comparison with solutions commonly used on the market. standard