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Window V82 Modern Design

A spectacular dimension of minimalism

A spectacular dimension of minimalis

Laur Klienta - Odkrycie roku 2015 dla okna Vetrex V82 Modern DesignDobry wzór dla okna Vetrex V82 Modern Design

System V82 Modern Design is an ultramodern solution in terms of design and technology. It is distinguished by a specific putting together the profiles, where the sash is hidden behind the window frame, and the frame is hidden behind a layer of insulation, so that the structure is almost invisible from the outside of the building, giving it a spectacular visual effect. The characteristic form of frames and more favorable ratio of their surface to the glass, allows a lot of daylight into rooms and glazing becomes visually bigger. System is characterized by an advantageous functional properties: energy efficiency (Uw = 0.75 W / m2K), reliability, and security and is specially designed for installation under a layer of insulation. This method of framing windows, provides even better performances in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation, so that this solution can be successfully applied in houses with energy- efficient standard.


AESTHETIC – thanks to the ingenious construction, where the sash profile is hidden behind the frames profile, masked by layer of insulation of the building, the frames are almost invisible. This provides exceptionally modern, minimalist character of windows. Puristic form of glazing is complemented by concealed fittings, which not disturb the contour of windows. In comparison with traditional solutions, glass surface in glazing made in the system V82 Modern Design represents a greater percentage. As a result, the windows seem more spacious, lighter and brighter. Raw window design fits perfectly into the modern aesthetics, drawing from the best modernist patterns. Profiles used in this system are white, but due to the possibility of applying on their outside, aluminum covers in any colour from the RAL Classic palette, the investor gains wide arrangement possibilities in matching colour of the windows with the character of the building.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY – five-chamber profile with a depth of 82 mm and a coefficient U f=1,0 W/m2*K is additionally protected from the cold by a dedicated assembly method. Framework, which are the most sensitive part of the window, deciding about its insulation, is covered with a layer of insulation, what helps achieve the parameters of glazing corresponding to the requirements for joinery of the homes with energy-efficient standard. In the basic version, the system is equipped with a 2-chamber glass with thermal inter frame Master therm with Ug = 0.5 W / m2 * K by EN673 to give the heat properties comparable with a brick wall.
THE SOUND INSULATION – durable construction and tightness of windows also influence on the acoustic properties of the window. In the standard ratio Rw = 34 (-2; -7) dB, which means that the system can be successfully used in noisy environments, providing soundproofing to a comfortable level. In exceptional cases, the acoustic properties of the glazing can be enhanced by using wider, soundproof glass packets, because the profile of the window can successfully house packets with a width up to 60 mm.
DURABILITY – the system is designed with a view to long-term use and adapted to achieve the ambitious designs. Profiles in Class A, with wall thickness of min 2.8 mm, are reinforced with many times bent, galvanized steel reinforcements, which provides windows resistance to physical forces and allows prepare glazing with large dimensions. Reliability solutions are ensured by metalwork with an indoor hinge side. Thanks to the specific design they hold window sashes with a larger surface and weight than conventional solutions, and allow them to be equipped with heavy glazing, for example soundproof or anti-burglary. In addition, a standard used technology of bonded glass to the profiles, makes that the glazing can achieve perfect statics.
SAFETY – Carefully designed, durable construction ensures operational safety. Each window sash in standard, is equipped with 2 or 3 (in the case of TILT/TURN windows ) anti-theft hooks, protecting against most common method of intrusion. It is also possible to install magnetic contacts Safe +, which after connecting to the control panel, will additionally protect the house before the visit of uninvited guests. Window profile is compatible with glass packages with a total width of 34 to 60 mm. So you can successfully additionally equip glazing in a wide, burglar windowpane packet with the so-called safety glass P4 with heat-insulating properties. Thanks to this, you can choose the solution, that effectively protect against burglary, without resign of the energy-saving properties.


  • VEKA, 5-chamber frame and 5-chamber window sash with a depth of 82 mm, class A,
  • High-impact PVC profile,
  • Thickness of the walls of highest standard PN-EN 12608 – A-class. A-class window profiles have the thickness of outside walls of at least 2,8 mm which guarantees high stability, resistance to mechanical damages and temperature changes and perfect parameters of acoustic insulation. Load capacity of profiles fittings for Class A is higher by more than 30% lower than for profiles Class B.
  • Triple gasket system with a central gasket– a solution that provides perfect tightness, acoustic and thermal insulation, whilst leaving dry fittings chamber,
  • Profiles available in white, there is possibility to use aluminum covers in all colours from RAL Classic palette,
  • The opportunity to use glass packets with impressive thicknesses up to 58 mm, the ingenious construction of profiles makes that frames are almost invisible from the outside of the building.
  • Dedicated method of assembly can further improves performance in terms of thermal insulation.


  • Galvanized steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm in the frame, sashes and posts.


  • Bonded - so that it achieves very good window statics, make it more resistant to settling the sashes under the use influence, which provide to long-term, trouble-free operation of the window,
  • Warm inter frame Master therm, which reduces the risk of condensation on the glass inside the room, and also increases to 6% of the thermal insulation of the entire window.
  • 2-chamber glazing with heat transfer coefficient Ug = 0.5 W / m2 * K according to EN673. Very high thermal insulation close to the insulation of the brick wall.
  • Possibility to use a package with special applications (secure, with increased resistance to burglary, soundproof) with a width up to 60 mm.


  • ROTO NT DESIGNO with covered hinge side. Hidden and very strong Designo fitting allows to construct a window sash of up to 150 kg. It is perfect for big glazing and heavy, burglarproof, energy-saving or soundproof glass packages. Thanks to constructions with hidden hinges the gaskets do not deform resulting in greater tightness of carpentry and reducing energy losses in the room.
  • Swing Secustik handles, in which for the first time was used mechanism for locking the rotation of the handle, which prevents the window from intrusion attempts by sliding the locking elements of fittings from the outside. Gentle bending and ergonomic handle design adds elegance to all the window and unique character.
  • Two (and in the TILT/TURN sashes -three) anti-theft hooks in the sash. PVC windows have a reputation less safe, so we decided to equip this version of windows with extra security features that hamper burglary and lengthen the time needed for their break through. Therefore, this increases the chance of stopping the thief and can prevent the loss of property.
  • Micro-ventilation. Thanks to it we provide our customers with a constant flow of fresh air without exposing them to the cold.
  • Blockade of the incorrect handle position and sash lift in TILT/TURN sashes is a guarantee of operational safety and durability of fittings
  • Tilt stabilizer.


  • on the outside– EPDM gaskets. About the selection of this material have decided his exceptional physical qualities and performance. First, compared with other materials used for the production of gaskets - characterized by a much better parameters in terms of aging resistance, high temperature and resistance to external factors. In addition, EPDM gaskets do not crack and are resistant to UV rays, and are characterized by excellent tensile strength, tear and compression.
  • on the inner side– gaskets welded in profiles.
Supplementary accessories
  • sub-sill profile with a gasket providing the optimal connection between a window and a sill as well as increases both acoustic and thermal insulatio,
  • seal filling the lower fitting groove is easy to keep clean.
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