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Window V82

V82 windows is a solution for those looking for solid solutions. The system is characterized by a very good combination of energy-saving and high-functionality properties. Multi-chamber frame with triple sealing system ensures efficient thermal insulation which is used only in high-end solutions. The series is characterized by as favourable thermal insulation parameters as top series V90+. Narrower installation depth makes the system ideal for the use in renovation of already insulated buildings. High resistance to mechanical forces and temperature changes results from profile parameters made in the highest standard and from the use of special galvanized steel reinforcements in sashes and frames, guaranteeing durability unmatched by parameters of competitive solutions.


  • VEKA, 7-chamber frame with a central gasket and 6-chamber sash with a width of 82 mm, class A, heat transfer coefficient Uf=1,0 W/m2K,
  • high-impact PVC profile,
  • wall thickness in the highest quality standard PN-EN 12608, “class A". Class A window profiles are distinguished by thickness of outer walls of at least 2.8 mm, which guarantees high stability, resistance to damage and temperature changes as well as excellent sound insulation parameters. Load capacity of fittings for class A profiles is more than 30% higher than for class B profiles.
  • triple sealing system with a central gasket. This solution provides excellent tightness, both acoustic and thermal insulation, while leaving dry fitting chamber,
  • profiles are available in a full range of colours and wood imitation veneers


  • in the basic version, our modern windows are equipped with special multiple-bending galvanized steel reinforcements in sashes and frames of unprecedented durability. It is the most important element in guaranteeing long-term and reliable operation of windows.


  • 2-chamber glazing U=0.5 or U=0,7 W/m2*K according to EN673. Very efficient thermal insulation similar to the wall insulation,
  • warm glazing inter frame Master therm which reduces the risk of vapour condensation on the glass inside the room and increases thermal insulation capacity of the whole window by up to 6%.
  • ROTO NT. We use window fittings manufactured by the most renowned German manufacturer of fittings
  • Swing Secustik handles, in which the mechanism blocking rotation of the handle was applied for the first time to protect the window against attempts of burglary by sliding the hardware locking elements from the outside. Smooth curve and ergonomic shape of the handles make the whole window elegant and adds its own unique character to it,
  • two security hooks in each sash. PVC windows are known as less safe, so we decided to equip our products with double protections that impede burglary and lengthen the time needed for forcible entry. Therefore, such a solution increases the chance of stopping the thief and prevents the loss of goods.
  • micro-ventilation which ensures constant access of air, without exposing to the cold,
  • mechanism of 4-stage opening in TILT/TURN sashes (height of the window in the range from 1117 to 1716 mm). This solution allows to adjust unsealed windows to the prevailing weather conditions. Fresh air supply is a very important element, guaranteeing good health and well-being,
  • blockade of the incorrect handle position and sash lift in TILT/TURN sashes (height of the window in the range up to 1116 mm and above 1716 mm). We equip all large windows with this mechanism. It is a guarantee of operational safety and durability of fittings,
  • anti-slam device.


  • triple sealing system with a central gasket, available in three colours, provides excellent tightness, while leaving dry fitting chamber
Additional equipment
  • under-sill profile with a gasket, providing the optimal connection between a window and a sill as well as increases both acoustic and thermal insulation,
  • seal filling the lower fitting groove is easy to keep clean.