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Window V90+

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V90+ window is a high energy-saving new-generation product of highest quality that meets all the standards of modern architects and individual investors. Three-time winners of 'Quality of the Year' prize (2008, 2009 and 2010). It is a Vetrex' most famous product that represents the newest achievements in window joinery. V90+ is a perfect solution fo those who value safety, precision, and styilish design. Its biggest advandatage is that it will reduce your heating bills

  • VEKA, six-chamber 90 mm, A-class,
  • High-impact PVC sections, thickness of the walls of highest standard PN-EN 12608 – A-class. A-class window profiles have the thickness of outside walls of at least 3mm and the width of the inside chambers of over 5mm which guarantees high stability, low susceptibility and perfect parameters of acoustic insulation,
  • insulating wedge. Increases additionally the thermal isolation,
  • triple gasket system with a middle gasket,
  • The profiles are available in full range of colours and woodish veeners.
  • We are the only ones on the market who use galvanized steel – 1,5mm thick in the frame and 1,8 mm bent sixfold in the stile. Thanks to this solution we have attained the highest on the market parameters of statics nad safety..
  • Two-chamber panes. Window weld U=0.5 or U=0,7. Very high thermal insulation parameters - close to the parameters of the wall,
  • Heat-absorbing between-glass steel frame. Our windows endure even the most severe winters. Thanks to the glass packages equipped with spacer frame we attain four times better thermal insulation properties compared to other commonly used solutions.
  • ROTO NT DESIGNO with covered hinge side. Hidden out of sight and very strong Designo fitting allows to construct a window stile of up to 130kg. It is perfect for big glazings and heavy, burglarproof, energy-saving or soudproof glass packages. Thanks to constructions with hidden hinges the gaskets does not deform which makes the energy loss in the room about 10% lower.
  • Secustik handles are the first handles with mechanism that blocks the turn of the handle, which prevents from burglary attempts,
  • Two burglarproof catches in the stile. PVC windows are considered less secure so we have decided to equip our product with double protection. Two burglarproof catches have been appreciated by thousands of customers who not only avoided the loss of their valuables but also facing the intruder,
  • Microventilation. Thanks to it we provide our customers with a constant flow of fresh air without exposing them to the cold,
  • Four-step tilting mechanism in RU stiles (height of the window from 1117 to 1716 mm). This solution allows adjusting the sealing of the window to the current weather conditions. Access to fresh air is a very important element improving our health and mood,
  • Blockade of handle misplacement and a stile lifter in RU stiles (height of the window up to1116mm and over 1716mm. All our big windows have this mechanism – it guarantees safety and the permanence of the fitting,
  • Tilt stabilizer.
  • EPDM gaskets. We chose this because of its physical and operational values. It is less susceptible to aging, high temperatures and other external forces. than other materials that are used for making gaskets. What is more, gaskets made of EPDM do not break, are ozone-proof and are very resistant to bending, scratching and pressing.
Supplementary accessories
  • sub-sill skirting with a gasket which ensures proper joining between the window and the sill and increases thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Holding tags for carrying windows.