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Window VP70 ONZ

VP70 ONZ is a system that opens or tilts outwards, the structure basis of which are profiles with depth of 70 mm. The windows of this series allow to take full advantage of the living space, without worrying that their sashes will occupy space inside the room. Classic line solutions and the highest quality components used satisfy even the most demanding users who are looking for functional and aesthetic products.

  • VEKA, 5-chamber frame with the width of 70 mm, 5-chamber sash – width of 70 mm, class A,
  • high-impact PVC profile,
  • wall thickness in the highest quality standard PN-EN 12608, “class A". Class A window profiles are distinguished by thickness of outer walls of at least 2.8 mm, which guarantees high stability, resistance to damage and temperature changes as well as excellent sound insulation parameters. Load capacity of fittings for class A profiles is more than 30% higher than for class B profiles.
  • profiles are available in a full range of colours and wood imitation veneers.
  • Our modern windows in the standard version have specially bent incredibly durable enhancements of galvanized steel in the stiles and jambs. This is the most important element that guarantees long and reliable live of the windows.
  • window panes packages 4-16-4 Ug=1,1 wg EN673,
  • Heat-absorbing between-glass steel frame. Our windows endure even the most severe winters. Thanks to the glass packages equipped with spacer frame we attain four times better thermal insulation properties compared to other commonly used solutions,
  • ROTO NT DESIGNO with covered hinges. Invisible and extremely strong Designo fitting allows you to construct a sash weighing up to 150 kg in the turn-only version and 80 kg in the tilt version. Covered hinges - protected from the influence of weather conditions, are less exposed to the risk of corrosion of the steel and reduce the deformation of gaskets resulting in greater tightness of carpentry and reducing energy losses in the room,
  • three anti-theft hooks in a sash. PVC windows have a reputation less safe, so we decided to equip our products with triple security,
  • standard equipment in all windows with turn opening with a height not exceeding 1600 mm is a special hook limiter, allowing the two-phase opening of sashes. The first phase is the possibility of opening up to a width of maximal a few centimetres, the other - for the complete opening of the window. This feature is designed to reduce the risk of falling through the window, as in the case of window with outward opening is burdened with greater probability,
  • all the sashes have a special window handle with the key, thanks to it the window can be operated in the same way as the standard joinery opened to the inside.
  • EPDM. The choice of this material was made because of exceptional physical qualities and performance. First of all - compared to other materials used for the production of gaskets - characterized by a significantly improved features in terms of resistance to aging, heat, and resistance to external factors. In addition, EPDM gaskets do not crack, they are resistant to ozone, are characterized by excellent tensile, tear and compression strength.
Supplementary accessories
  • under-sill profile with the gasket - in a version of the window frame at the bottom. It provides the optimum connection of windows with sills and thanks to this increases its thermal insulation.
  • Under-balcony profile - in a version with a threshold. It enables proper installation of a threshold to the building structure and increases its thermal insulation.
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