Premium Windows

Window VP70

VP70 windows is a perfect proposition for those who seek for a product that combines good quality and price. This series meets all the European standards. They are also classy and elegant which makes them fit almost every interior. The main advantage of this series is a very low parameter of thermal leakage as well as good protection from an outside noise. These window will satisfy all those who value warmth and silence inside their houses.

  • VEKA profiles, 5-chamber, 70mm, rounded, A-class,
  • high-impact PVC sections,
  • Thickness of the walls in the highest quality standard PN-EN 12608 A-class (A-class window profiles have the thickness of outside walls of at least 3mm and the width of the inside chambers of over 5mm which guarantees high stability, low susceptibility and perfect parameters of acoustic insulation),
  • co-extrusion – dyed in special mass – the outside wall of the profile under foil veener masks any mechanical damages making them less visible. It applies to all profiles in standard colours,
  • The profiles are available in full range of colours and woodish veeners.
  • Our modern windows in the standard version have specially bent incredibly durable enhancements of galvanized steel in the stiles and jambs. This is the most important element that guarantees long and reliable live of the windows.
  • window panes packages 4-16-4 Ug=1,1 wg EN673,
  • Heat-absorbing between-glass steel frame. Our windows endure even the most severe winters. Thanks to the glass packages equipped with spacer frame we attain four times better thermal insulation properties compared to other commonly used solutions.
  • ROTO NT. We use window fittings of the most respected German fittings manufacturer.,
  • Aluminum handle,
  • Microventilation. Thanks to it we provide our customers with a constant flow of fresh air without exposing them to the cold,
  • Four-step tilting mechanism in RU stiles (height of the window from 1117 to 1716 mm). This solution allows adjusting the sealing of the window to the current weather conditions. Access to fresh air is a very important element improving our health and mood,
  • Blockade of handle misplacement and a stile lifter in RU stiles (height of the window up to1116mm and over 1716mm. All our big windows have this mechanism – it guarantees safety and the permanence of the fitting,
  • Tilt stabilizer.
    • EPDM gaskets. We chose this because of its physical and operational values. It is less susceptible to aging, high temperatures and other external forces. than other materials that are used for making gaskets. What is more, gaskets made of EPDM do not break, are ozone-proof and very resistant to bending, scratching and pressing
    Supplementary accessories
    • sub-sill skirting with a gasket which ensures proper joining between the window and the sill and increases thermal and acoustic insulation,
    • Holding tags for carrying windows.