Sliding windows

Window Patio Air

Retracted parallel and slide Patio Air windows is a system characterized by a special design of micro ventilation. The sash located in a position micro ventilation is weaned from the frame uniformly over the entire circumference, enabling efficient air exchange, while not disturbing the aesthetics of the glazing, because the outside air vents are practically invisible. The attractiveness of the product is also raised by the 4 anti-theft hooks, normally mounted on each sash, which even in the position of micro-ventilation can produce resistance to burglary in class RC1 (if handle with key PATIO LIGHT is applied, it is available as additional accessory).

Windows of the type PATIO AIR can be made in the following technologies: VP70, VS70, VR70, V70 Optimal Black, V82, V90+, VR90 Synergy.

Characteristics of windows Patio Air

  • ROTO PATIO PS systems of fittings - we use the most recognized window fittings from a German manufacturer,
  • handle with metal alloy of aluminium and zinc,
  • Four anti-theft hooks in the sliding sash
  • Special micro ventilation design that allows the same distance from the frame around the whole perimeter of a sash while leaving the window in locked position  

Possibility to produce

Possibility in versions of windows: VP70, VS70, VR70, V70 Optimal Black, V82, V90+, VR90 Synergy

  • permitted sash weight: 160 kg
  • The maximum width of the window twoquarter symmetrical: 3380 mm
  • Maximum window height: 2500 mm
  • Maximum sash width: 1600 mm rebate ferrule
  • The maximum sash height: 2350 mm rebate ferrule
  • The possibility of glazing glass composite structure of the desired structure depending on the system used windows