Sliding windows

Window Patio Automatic

The tilt-sliding patio windows type Automatic is a system with fittings from the so-called active stay with forced action. Stays press against the frame side across the width during closing and repel them from the frame when opening the window. These elements of the opening and closing of a window require the use of less force. This type of fittings is ideal for large and heavy sashes. The design solution makes the sash to move very slightly from the closed position to repeal while being protected against lateral movements. Operation of the system Patio Automatic: the release of the tilt position, sliding sash open/closed, pulling and closing a sash is so easy, that window can be successfully controlled with one hand.

Automatic patio type windows can be made in the following technologies: VP70, VS70, VR70, V70 Optimal Black, V82, V90 + VR90 Synergy

Characteristics of Patio Automatic fittings

  • ROTO PATIO Z - window fittings of a reliable German manufacturer of fittings,
  • handle with metal alloy of aluminium and zinc,
  • Four anti-theft hooks in the sliding sash.
  • locking device with forced action - to support the opening and closing of the tilt and slide sash.  

Possibility to produce

    Possibility in versions of windows: VP70, VS70, VR70, V70 Optimal Black, V82, V90 + VR90 Synergy

    • permitted sash weight 200 kg
    • The maximum width of the window twoquarter symmetrical: 3380 mm
    • Maximum window height: 2500 mm
    • Maximum sash width: 1600 mm rebate ferrule
    • The maximum sash height: 2350 mm rebate ferrule
    • The possibility of  glazing glass composite construction with a thickness up to 48 mm package
    • Sash sliding automatically switches to the position of the repeal and is protected against being moved sidewards