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Humidity-sensitive double airflow air inlet Aereco EMM

We offer the most popular of all air humidity sensitive inlets AERECO EMM Rw=33dB. It is available in two modes of airflow and in 3 different colours.

This product is distinguished by its aesthetic structure and the reliability of its operating. With its acoustic canopy, it reaches an acoustic attenuation of 33 dB. EMM air inlet can operate in two positions depending on the position of the stand. The flow of air can be directed vertically or obliquely. EMM air inlets can be equipped with a manual blockade of the airflow.

Technical specification:
Material: A/B. Available in colours: white/chestnut/oak
Flow: (min. - max.) in 10 Pa: 5-35 m3/h
Acoustic insulation: Acoustic insulation Dn,e,w (C), maximum opening with canopies :ASAM or AC: 33dB