Supplementary accessories

Pressure acoustic air inlet Aereco AMI

This is a self-regulating air inlet in which the amount of the flowing air is regulated automatically depending on the difference in pressure inside and outside the room.

It happens until the difference in pressure reaches the level of difference in which the efficiency of the inlet is maximum. If the increase continues the stiles move and limit the flow of air. Such situation may occur for instance when there is a strong blow of wind. It is possible to close the cover and limit the flow of air to minimum. AMI are characterized by the efficiency of up to 35 m3/h and an acoustic attenuation of 43 dB, when completely open. The inlets are installed in PVC windows. This product has a technical certificate of AT/2004-02-1462.

Technical specification:
Material: PS, ABS. Available in colours: white/chestnut/oak
Flow: (min. - maks.) in 10 Pa: 22-30m3/h
Acoustic insulation: Acoustic insulation Dn,e,w (C), maximum opening with canopies :ASAM or AC: 38dB(A)