Supplementary accessories

Pressure acoustic air inlet Aereco AMO

Pressure acoustic air inlets Aereco AMO Rw=33dB have automatic regulation of the airflow depending on the difference in pressure inside and outside the house.

It is possible to reduce the airflow to minimum. AMO are characterized by their efficiency up to 45 m3/h (with underpressure of 20 Pa) and an acoustic attenuation of 33 dB when completely open. Air inlets are installed in wooden and PVC windows. This product has a technical certificate of AT/2004-02-1462.

Technical specification:
Material: PS, ABS. Available in colours: white/chestnut/oak
Flow: (min. - max.) in 10 Pa: 22/30/45m3/h
Acoustic insulation: Acoustic insulation Dn,e,w (C), maximum opening with canopies :ASAM or AC: 33dB(A)