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V70 OPTIMAL BLACK – black revolution from Vetrex

A combination of interesting design, high energy-saving properties, and an attractive price. Is that possible? Yes. Vetrex company has added a new product to their offer - V70 OPTIMAL BLACK – a window which not only combines these elements but also has a revolutionary corrosion-proof black fitting from Roto company.

Vetrex wins the Program 'VIP-best doors and widows'

We are very happy to inform that our windows again gained experts' appreciation. 15 June 2011 during VIP Gala in Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw we received several awards from the selection board of IV edition of VIP-Best Windiws and Doors program. V90+ window was awarded in PVC Window Energy Quality category and VA74C window in Aluminium Window Energy Plus category.

Vetrex Premium Windows in Residence Millennium

Tczew, 14 June 2011 – Vetrex company finished their delivery and installation of PVC windows in villa Millenium Residence housing estate in Gdansk.

According to the agreement signed with the investor – Millenium S.C. Marcin Machaliński, Tomasz Wierzbicki, Vetrex provided high-quality VP70 windows for the group of villas located in Klukowo district in Gdansk. The provider installed a total of 80 white windows made of Veka profiles (Perfectline system). The windows will be improved by decorative heads and ransoms glued to the glass.

Glass fogging up – a minor glitch or a serious problem?

Tczew, 20 March 2011 – Along with spring comes the building season. This is a period of time when we can think about removing glitches in our house that appeared during winter and autumn. One of the problems might be condensation – the drops of water that appear on our windows. It is very often considered to be a defect. Is it justified? See what is behind this process.

Vetrex for Quattro Towers

Tczew, 20 March 2011 – Vetrex company one of the leading manufacturers of PVC and aluminium windows in Poland signed an agreement with Erbud Co ltd concerning window joinery in a modern housing estate Quattro Towers in Gdansk.

Vetrex was awarded ‘Quality of the Year 2010’ and ‘Quality of the Year Gold’ titles

Tczew, 14 March 2011 r. – Vetrex company for the third time was awarded the ‘Quality of the Year’ title in the biggest in Poland quality-promoting contest organised by Law Newspaper Journal and the Polish Centre of Research and Certification. During the jubilee fifth edition of the program Vetrex also got ‘Quality of the Year Gold’ – a title given to those who won the contest three times.

Vetrex is leading in PRO QUALITY PVC ranking

Vetrex was the only company taking part in the PRO QUALITY PVC ranking that exceeded the threshold of 50 points leaving behind strong opponents. PRO QUALITY PVC is a ranking lead without any time limits by The selection board judges the quality of the windows and the competences of the producers in the quality policy and technology of installation.

A window in Vetrex colours

Times when the colour of the joinery products did not matter fortunately had gone. Now if you want to match the design of the windows and doors to the style of a building or a room we can choose a suitable colour. Modern window joinery is not only white but also a wide range of colours we can freely play with in order to find the right one.