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Is it possible to connect windows to the alarm system? Safe windows

Holiday is a period of time when we leave our houses in order to rest. Unfortunately very often it involves leaving our houses unattended which can interrupt our good mood. So how to make sure our houses are safe while we are away?

So how to make sure our houses are safe while we are away? It is good to think about it when our house is being built or when replacing our windows and doors.

A perfect solution would be to use window and door magnetic contacts Safe+ that can be directly connected to the alarm system of the house. Vetrex company was the first one to introduce this product to their offer. It is possible to install it in every Vetrex product.

Safe + Innovative protection

Magnetic contact Safe + directly connected to the alarm system is a perfect solution for those who value safety of their houses and their families. Consisting of two magnetic plates Alnico 5 and a cover made of ABS plastic, Safe+ is factory-mounted on the profile between the frame and the stile of the window or door without interrupting its aesthetics. The wide range of available colours helps us match the device to both dark and fair profiles.

How does Safe + work?

The operation of this device is very simple – as Krzysztof Smolnik explains – Vetrex Director of technical issues and development: 'Windows and doors equipped with magnetic contact Safe+ are simply connected to the central alarm system of the building in order to make sure that our house is safe. This innovative solution is not only a perfect protection against burglary but also guarantees safety of our children when left temporarily unattended. Thank to the cooperation with alarm systems you can receive immediate information about unwanted opening of the window. It is also important that the special construction of the device allows you to leave the window tilted without activating the alarm.'

Magnetic contact Safe+ has a special tamper loop. It is a high-quality protection that is only recently available in Poland. It works in temperatures from -40°C to +70°C.

The evidence of the product's high quality is the CE certificate confirming that the product meets the standards of EU and the Vds certificate.