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V70 OPTIMAL BLACK – black revolution from Vetrex

A combination of interesting design, high energy-saving properties, and an attractive price. Is that possible? Yes. Vetrex company has added a new product to their offer - V70 OPTIMAL BLACK – a window which not only combines these elements but also has a revolutionary corrosion-proof black fitting from Roto company.

V70 OPTIMAL BLACK window is our response to the needs of our customers who are interested in products that have an interesting design and provide perfect thermal insulation. Thanks to applied solutions V70 OPTIMAL BLACK is characterized by unique design which gives the interior an individual character as well as high energy-efficiency and corrosion resistance. V70 OPTIMAL BLACK,is a brand new product not only in Vetrex offer but in the scale of the entire window market. I believe that by introducing V70 OPTIMAL BLACK to the market we open a new chapter of elegant windows that at the same time help their users reduce their heating bills.” – says Daniel Malinowski, Vice-president of Vetrex.

V70 OPTIMAL BLACKis the only product on the market that has been equipped with black Roto NTS covered with a black galvanic layer. It makes the window look elegant and makes it a perfect match for almost every interior. This innovative solution is not only aesthetic but also practical. This fitting is galvanized, chromaned and underwent final treatment which makes it more resistant to corrosion.A great supplement to V70 OPTIMAL BLACK window is also a new semi-flush stile and Secustik Swing handles with a completely hidden escutcheon plate, smooth curves and ergonomic shape

V70 OPTIMAL BLACK is not only an aesthetic solution but also one of very good thermal insulation parameters. Thanks to the 5-chamber construction of the window frame and a special 5-chamber semi-flush stile (width 84mm – 5mm wider than a regular semi-flush stile) makes it possible to use sets of glass of up to 50mm thick. In V70 OPTIMAL BLACK we applied 2-chamber comlex glazing of heat transfer coefficient U=0,5W/m²K and construction: 4/18ar/4/18ar/4 (The total thickness of the set - 48 mm). This solution enhances thermal properties of the whole window (heat transfer coefficient Uw=0,9 W/m²K.)

V70 OPTIMAL BLACK is also available in white and a wide range of woodish colours. Information about Vetrex full offer is available at

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