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A window in Vetrex colours

Times when the colour of the joinery products did not matter fortunately had gone. Now if you want to match the design of the windows and doors to the style of a building or a room we can choose a suitable colour. Modern window joinery is not only white but also a wide range of colours we can freely play with in order to find the right one.

Character of the modern architecture which is often simple and plain and looks well in shades of gray and graphite. Because of this trend especially for our customers we offer two dedicated window colours: anthracite-gray (no RAL 7016) and silver-gray (no RAL 7001). Both colours are different in tone. The first one is a dark shade of gray whereas the second one is more balanced and resembles steel.

Vetrex - kolor antracytowo-szary Vetrex - kolor srebrno-szary
Colour: anthracite-gray
(nr RAL 7016)
Colour: silver-gray
(nr RAL 7001)