Premium Windows

We present a carefully designed line of energy-efficient windows with high thermal insulation and unique technical characteristics. Premium series solutions also provide high standards of aesthetics. Based on the persistent and resistant to external factors materials. Furthermore, profiles used in the structure guarantee a high level of sound insulation of this product line.

Manufacturer of energy-saving PVC windows

Vetrex Sp. z o.o. is one of the leading producers of PVC and aluminium windows and doors in Europe, operating on the market since 1997. Our eco-friendly, energy-efficient products are made of selected materials, using innovative technologies. As a renowned company, we are committed to provide the highest quality products on the market. That is why, before they are implemented for sale, they are extensively tested in approved research units, where they obtain the results far exceeding market requirements and industry standards. This ensures reliability and a unique quality that are additionally confirmed by the garnered awards, including the emblem of the "Quality of the Year" and the award "Customer’s Laurel".

Vetrex offer consists of: PVC systems, PVC plastic windows, aluminium systems, as well as fire and energy-efficient windows. Additional accessories, such as ventilation systems, shutters and security systems also enhance the functionality of our products. The widest on the market 55-color palette allows to select solutions that perfectly fit in the aesthetics of the interior and the façade. Our offer is complemented by professional advice on the selection of the products, adjusted to individual customer needs and the installation carried out by a specially trained team. Due to the expanded distribution network, Vetrex PVC windows and doors are available throughout Poland and Europe. As the producer of PVC and aluminium windows and doors, please visit the Authorized Showrooms.